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Natural healing with Innovative Versatile wound healing products.
Customer Testimonials

The treatment has transformed my quality of life. I am now able to sleep in my own bed for the 1st time In over a year.


I am so pleased, my legs are so much better, I never thought it would happen.


The Light Clinic Dr has been treating him at home. He is doing a marvellous job. I never thought I would see such a difference.

M.J.W. Coley Park

I would like to express my gratitude,there has been considerable improvement in my leg for the 1st time in years.Its a fantastic service and should be available to everyone.


I would like to say the service has been absolutely 1st class.His attention to my wife`s ulcer has been efficient and progressive from the very beginning.We have seen healing progress for the 1st time in over a year.Thank You Doug.


I can`t thank him enough and I would recommend his treatment to anyone suffering with leg ulcers.


This has given myself and family hope that we can get back to a normal life without having to arrange our lives around district nurses visits.


My friends legs had got really bad. She used to scream with pain.The Drs were talking about amputating. Doug Jones` treatment was like a miracle.

M.Y.Whitley Wood

After years of suffering with both my legs , pain , depression and embarrassment. My legs were constantly wet and smelled terrible.....Quite frankly the changes are incredible.I`ve got my legs and my life back.

V.U.Whitley Wood

Sano Skin NET
SanoSkin®-NET is developed to be used for medical applications as a primary wound dressing. SanoSkin®-NET consists of a polyester woven net, that is coated with a transparent hydrogel that is able to absorb excess exudate up to 15 times its own weight. The dry gel sticks to the dry skin, but when moisturized (wound fluid), the gel does not stick to wet surfaces (wound). It will create a moist wound healing environment and acts bacteriostatic (stops growth of bacteria in the wound). SanoSkin®-NET provides a gentle and painless way of healing superficial wounds. The extra gel layer absorbed the first wave of fluid and when more wound fluid is produced this will pass through the perforations and keep the wound in an ideal moist environment. Meanwhile secondary dressings are not able to stick into the wound (interface function).The Net can be used in conjunction with other ointments or gels such as, Melladerm® PLUS and SanoSkin®-OXY. The sizes are 8,5 x 12 cm, 12 x 15, 10 x 18, 8 x 10, 5 X 7,5 cm and 20 x 20 cm. Standard size is 8.5 x 12 cm, the other sizes are manufactured if required.
8,5 x 12 cm
5 x 1 piece
60 x 5 x 1 piece
20 x 20 cm
5 x 1 piece
30 x 5 x 1 piece
12 x 15 cm
5 x 1 piece
30 x 5 x 1 piece
10 x 18 cm
5 x 1 piece
30 x 5 x 1 piece
5 x 75 cm
5 x 1 piece
60 x 5 x 1 piece
Case: A 77 year old lady developed a heel blister due to friction and after all the death skin was removed the wound was treated with SanoSkin® NET and some SanoSkin® Melladerm®. It took 38 days to full epithelialization. Before removal of the SanoSkin® NET the wound was soaked with some saline solution.
Case: 89 year old lady developed a skin tear. The wound was first cleansed with SanoSkin® Cleanser and the skin flap was gently replaced with pincers and covered with SanoSkin® NET. It took 9 days to heal the wound. The first time the dressing was removed was after 3 days (photo middle), thereafter the dressing stayed till full healing. In fact the dressing did not need to be replaced. Dressing was removed after it was soaked with some saline solution or SanoSkin® Cleanser.
Case: 83 year old male with large skin tear. Flap has been replaced and fixated with SanoSkin® NET. Dressing can stay several days on the wound enabling the flap to take. Removal of the NET should always be done carefully and preferably with saline or a wound cleanser. Make sure that removing the NET (or any dressing) does not tear the fragile skin again. Wound healed well in 18 days.
Cases: Different examples were SanoSkin® NET can be used. Big burns or gravel rash can be cleaned with SanoSkin® Cleanser and then a SanoSkin® Net can be applied and left for three days. A gauze dressing can be used on top to take away the excess wound fluid, but since the Net is able t absorb a lot of fluid itself, even the top dressing can stay in place long enough. A simple bandage can secure the whole construction. Removal of the SanoSkin® Net must be done after wetting it with Saline solution or SanoSkin® Cleanser.

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