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Natural healing with Innovative Versatile wound healing products.
Customer Testimonials

The treatment has transformed my quality of life. I am now able to sleep in my own bed for the 1st time In over a year.


I am so pleased, my legs are so much better, I never thought it would happen.


The Light Clinic Dr has been treating him at home. He is doing a marvellous job. I never thought I would see such a difference.

M.J.W. Coley Park

I would like to express my gratitude,there has been considerable improvement in my leg for the 1st time in years.Its a fantastic service and should be available to everyone.


I would like to say the service has been absolutely 1st class.His attention to my wife`s ulcer has been efficient and progressive from the very beginning.We have seen healing progress for the 1st time in over a year.Thank You Doug.


I can`t thank him enough and I would recommend his treatment to anyone suffering with leg ulcers.


This has given myself and family hope that we can get back to a normal life without having to arrange our lives around district nurses visits.


My friends legs had got really bad. She used to scream with pain.The Drs were talking about amputating. Doug Jones` treatment was like a miracle.

M.Y.Whitley Wood

After years of suffering with both my legs , pain , depression and embarrassment. My legs were constantly wet and smelled terrible.....Quite frankly the changes are incredible.I`ve got my legs and my life back.

V.U.Whitley Wood

Melladerm® Plus, Antibacterial Wound Gel
For the treatment of (contaminated) chronic, oncologic and/or acute wounds. Melladerm® Plus is designed specifically with the patients with necrotic or slough wounds. Melladerm® Plus offers a more gentle approach than pure honey that is known to cause pain when applied to the wound. It contains 45% honey, which is more than Melladerm® ointment. The honey based wound gel will not cause pain and utilises the antibacterial strengths of honey. The honey source of Melladerm® Plus is Bulgaria. This is specially selected honey from a multiflower mountain region that has a naturally high glucose oxidase and Phenolic content. Melladerm® Plus can be 30 times diluted before it loses its antibacterial properties.

During its processing into a wound gel this honey is not heated or irradiated because this is known to destroy the honey healing properties. (please see expert document for in-depth information). The Bulgarian honey has a very high peroxide level (strong antiseptic) and is sterilized with a by SanoMed Manufacturing bv patented method (ozonation).

Melladerm® Plus can be used to fill the wound cavity and then covered with SanoSkin® Net or Foam. The gel is easy to apply and will not adhere to the wound. Melladerm® Plus has more debriding capabilities and has unique healing properties. Melladerm® Plus comes also in plastic tubes of 20 or 50 gram. For more superficial wounds a Tulle carrier is available and is further explained (Melladerm® Plus Tulle).

Melladerm Plus 20 gram
1 tube à 20 g
12 x 1 tube
Melladerm Plus 50 gram
1 tube à 50 g
12 x 1 tube
Case: A 81 year old lady had a venous ulcer for over 3 years and was treated mainly with Hydrocolloids and Betadine . The wound never healed. The doctor started a treatment with Melladerm® Plus and the wound quickly cleaned up and started to granulate. It took 8 weeks to heal to wound. Compression therapy was also a part of the treatment, secundairy dressing was SanoSkin® Foam.
Case: A 70 year old man had an infected wound above his eye lid. The wound was filled daily with SanoSkin® Melladerm® Plus. The Melladerm® Plus was covered with SanoSkin® Foam and secured with light tape. It took 20 days to heal the wound completely.
Case: The Wound (mixed venous/arterial ulcer) was treated with Melladerm® Plus and SanoSkin® Foam for 50 days. The patient did not report pain or discomfort during the treatment. The wound existed for over 3 years and the patient was in bad condition, still the wound healed. Melladerm® Plus was applied daily.
Antibacterial ? How long ? and what if diluted ?

Honey is claimed to be anti microbial by osmosis (high concentration on particles such as glucose and saccharose) and by producing Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) when in contact with water. The latter is because some honeys do contain the enzyme glucose oxidase that converts glucose in gluconacid and H2O2. Hydrogen peroxide is a potent anti microbial agent that is effective in small quantities against most microorganisms. If honey is heated or irradiated the glucose oxidase will be destroyed.. To check if the glucose oxidase is active enough even when the Melladerm® Plus is diluted heavily a Zone of inhibition test in a certified independent laboratory was done.

Zone of Inhibition test

A zone of inhibition test was performed showing that Melladerm® Plus could be diluted 30 times before losing its antibacterial activity against Staphylococcus aureus. To execute the actual assay, we choose a LMG-reference culture, i.e. Staphylococcus aureus subsp. aureus Rosenbach 1884 AL. The test strain is cultivated in TBS (Triple Sugar Broth), incubated at 35°C for 24h. By means of pour-plate method the concentration of the overnight culture is determined (1x109 cfu/ml). A 1000 fold dilution of this overnight culture in sterile physiological water gives us a homogeneous suspension with a concentration of 1x106 cfu/ml. 1,0ml of this suspension is added to 100ml of an appropriate medium (Colombia-agar +5% sheep blood) and gives an end concentration of 1x104 cfu/ml. The inoculated medium is now ready to be poured in glass petri-dishes, 19cm of diameter, per 100ml. When the medium is solid, pierce 5 holes (Ø 13,8mm) on each plate. A serial dilution of the SanoSkin® Melladerm® Plus gel is prepared in sterile distilled water. A 20% (m/v%) stock solution of the gel is prepared in sterile distilled water. Starting from this solution, the following dilutions are made: 20% -19% - 18% - … 2% - 1% m/v. From each dilution 200µl is transferred into the prepared wells in the plates. As mentioned before, 5 dilutions per plate.

This clearly demonstrates the effect of the hydrogen peroxide activity of the honey.

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