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Natural healing with Innovative Versatile wound healing products.
Customer Testimonials

The treatment has transformed my quality of life. I am now able to sleep in my own bed for the 1st time In over a year.


I am so pleased, my legs are so much better, I never thought it would happen.


The Light Clinic Dr has been treating him at home. He is doing a marvellous job. I never thought I would see such a difference.

M.J.W. Coley Park

I would like to express my gratitude,there has been considerable improvement in my leg for the 1st time in years.Its a fantastic service and should be available to everyone.


I would like to say the service has been absolutely 1st class.His attention to my wife`s ulcer has been efficient and progressive from the very beginning.We have seen healing progress for the 1st time in over a year.Thank You Doug.


I can`t thank him enough and I would recommend his treatment to anyone suffering with leg ulcers.


This has given myself and family hope that we can get back to a normal life without having to arrange our lives around district nurses visits.


My friends legs had got really bad. She used to scream with pain.The Drs were talking about amputating. Doug Jones` treatment was like a miracle.

M.Y.Whitley Wood

After years of suffering with both my legs , pain , depression and embarrassment. My legs were constantly wet and smelled terrible.....Quite frankly the changes are incredible.I`ve got my legs and my life back.

V.U.Whitley Wood

SanoSkin®-Cleanser is a solution to clean wounds. "Practitioners continue to use antiseptics in wounds because of tradition - This tradition must stop !!!" (Dow G. Infection in chronic wounds. In: Krasner DL, Rodeheaver GT, Sibbald RG, eds Chronic Wound Care: A clinical Source Book for Healthcare Professionals. 3th ed. Wayne, Pa: HMP Communications, 2001:343-356.)

Modern wound treatment recommend a cleansing solution based on physiologic saline mixed with mild detergents (non cytotoxic levels) that effectively remove proteins and fat. The presence of glycerine in the cleaning solution makes it a gentle soft solution, the polysorbate disolves fat & proteins and the chlorhexidine preserves the solution for several years from microbiological contamination. The SanoSkin® Cleanser formula is being used for over 5 years with great satisfaction. Its easy nozzle spray system makes it possible to adjust the cleaning power (output of the cleaning stream) so even hard to clean wounds can be cleaned. The bottle contains 250 cc.

bottle 250 cc
12 x 1 bottle
SanoSkin® Cleanser is used to moisten dressings so they can be removed a traumatic or to removed death tissue, old dried blood, fibrin and old ointment residues. The pressure of the fluid is regulated and is enough to physically removed slough etc.When removing death tissue and slough the feeding ground of bacteria is removed decreasing the change of infection. That is why a good cleaning of the wound is an integral part of good wound care.


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